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Sean Behan 07e5bc8fb3
fix wofi theme
1 month ago
config fix wofi theme 1 month ago
gnupg Key IDs for pass 3 months ago
local/bin ipfs podman container 2 months ago
ssh Update server IP 3 months ago
vim update plug.vim 11 months ago
weechat fix weechat highlight text colour 1 month ago
.gitignore ignore vim swp files 2 months ago
LICENSE Add LICENSE 2 years ago
ashrc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 3 months ago
bashrc change reddit alias 1 month ago
fzfrc push 1 year ago
gitconfig Change git signing key to non-NFC key 3 months ago
profile remove LANG export that was causing problems 2 months ago
screenrc add screen config 11 months ago
tmux.conf vim-like keybinds for navigation 2 months ago
vimrc add undofile 2 months ago